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I'm a lady who works often and loves to travel. My most recent adventure was traveling through Korea from Feb 18-April 30th 2013! I hope to go back soon! This blog is filled with those adventures and everything that came before and will come after!

PT session success.

I feel 10 million times better today. 

I will step out on a ledge and solo gym on Friday - Wish me luck :) 

Really like my subtle soft nail polish job :)

Sometimes it’s worth the patience hahha

Really like my subtle soft nail polish job :)

Sometimes it’s worth the patience hahha

Feeling Anxious.

I haven’t been sleeping well the past nights. I’ve been having dreams that I wake up from super anxious and unable to get back to sleep. Work is busy, but I am not handling the normal work stresses as well as I usually do and yesterday I was very close to having an anxiety attack while on shift. I kept just reminding myself to breathe and relax and go slow. But I was on edge all day. 

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I don’t need feminism because I lived for 18 years in a house where my war veteran father was verbally, emotionally and physically abused by my mother, yet he could never call the police or get a divorce because the authorities would side against him because he is a man
— Anonymous (via why-we-dont-need-feminism)

Wait… isn’t that exactly why you would need feminism? Wouldn’t challenging the idea that women are weaker/submissive and men are stronger have brought validity to his case?

My Mind the past month.  

I want to clean and hang things on my walls and rearrange my furniture and paint my walls and just.. make it my space. 

I need to save money. I can’t afford this trip to Korea. Well. I can but it will be on a budget. 

I don’t want anyone in my house ever. I’m nesting. 

I love the Boif and he is a good man. 

I should journal more. 

Ummmmmmmmmm!!!! The Outlander series is being made into a TV show and I am very pleased with the Jamie they chose.

And the claire is cool too

I am excited. 

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