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I'm a lady who works often and loves to travel. My most recent adventure was traveling through Korea from Feb 18-April 30th 2013! I hope to go back soon! This blog is filled with those adventures and everything that came before and will come after!


My bf and his friend slept over yesterday.

They drank a bunch and I went go bed early haha.

Funny, until I wake up 5:30am to pee and she looks so.upset and shows me that she vomited all over the floor and wall.

So for the next 30 minutes we clean it all up and she heads home.

But I can’t get back to sleep. And the boif “has a headache” from drinking and can’t cuddle/talk.


But nothing can kill my birthday spirit!
Also I get to see my doggie and mom tonight!


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Doing a morning PT session but it’s too early to catch a bus. So taxi it is. Crying because money, but if cancel,.money, and if later = late for work = money.

But the 5:45am morning smell reminds me of Korea hahaha.

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Best handshake ever


Love it

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Yesterday the boif confirmed his fight home

July 25th.
1 month earlier than planned.

My first thought was “what the fuck have I done to myself? Bail now! Bail early!”

If I feel this sad now, won’t I feel worse in 3 months when he goes? Whatever.

Fuck dramatic love.

We will rock this for the next 3 months and go from there.

But I just think it’s going to hurt eventually and that’s terrifying. Ugh.

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