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I'm a lady who works often and loves to travel. My most recent adventure was traveling through Korea from Feb 18-April 30th 2013! I hope to go back soon! This blog is filled with those adventures and everything that came before and will come after!


Oh yes! A Scarf! I was also thinking of printing off some photos of the Boif/places we went while he was here and putting them in an album and giving them to his Mom and Dad. Kinda like a memento of their son in Vancouver/Canada. 

Is there anything you can think of (kind of specifically?) that isn’t that common in Korea - but popular in the west? If not - no worries :) Just brain storming :D (One thing I know is like Canada Goose stuff. It’s crazy expensive though - no way!)

I have been trying to figure out what to bring the Boif’s Family/other people as gifts. It’s been bothering me because one friend told me off and said you only bring gifts if you are a fiance - which I am not.

Gift-giving is huge in my family and I have always brought gift. ESPECIALLY if someone is letting me stay in their house or something… WHATEVER. I want to bring gifts. The Boif assures me that I’m okay and that he thinks that a gift, small, or meaningful would be well received in his family as well. 

So I have been trying really hard to figure out what to bring - and I figure I will bring Lush products. What do you think? At least for the ladies. I was looking and the Korean prices are MUCH more than the Canadian prices - so it might not be something they wouldn’t buy on their own in Korea. And his family is all about health whatever - so it’s natural. So getting some lush product, making some home made things (Bracelet maybe or what not) and … maybe pictures or whatever. 

Anyways. As the “big thing” in the gift. What do you think? Would that be appropriate? 

I’m loving the last air bender movie!!!

(I know I’m like 4 years behind)

Yesterday Sh came over and she tried to connect to my wifi - but was redirected saying that I had reached my allowed bandwidth for the month. I called my company and they were like Yup - You have used 250 GB up already (I only have 2 days left in the month). But! Since you have never done this before - here is a free reset. 

So that was that. They reset it and I’m all good 

I am really really happy with my internet provider! 

(Also what happened is I fell asleep with drama fever streaming running man non stop a couple (read: a lot) of times the past couple weeks. So it was streaming videos all night long. 

Won’t be doing that again :) 

The store across from my apartment has a rooftop where they always have parties. I looked out this morning and saw that a Box labeled “Fragile” had been left out there and it was starting to rain. The guy who answered said “ok I will go take a look”

1 hour later and rain that is 10 x heavier - it’s still out there. 

Whatever - It’s your box super expensive furniture shop :)

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